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Review Flexispy: Spy Phone Software

Flexispy is a powerful, easy-to-use cell phone monitoring software that lets you monitor all the activities of your child or employee. Flexispy spy app for iPhone and Android features include call recording, live GPS tracking, instant message reading, web history logging, and much more. It also includes a full list of features that can be customized according to your needs.

What is Flexispy?

Flexispy can give you access to all the data on a target phone. You will be aware of call logs and text messages as well as different types of online activities with this spy app!

Flexispy for iPhone

The Flexispy app for iPhone is compatible with the iOS operating system. The application runs in stealth mode, so it won’t appear on your target phone’s apps list or home screen.

Flexispy for Android

Flexispy can be installed on any Android device running version OS of Froyo or later. The FlexiSpy software is compatible with the Jelly Bean and KitKat versions as well! This spy app for android works in stealth mode, so your target will never know that you are spying on them!

Price Range

FlexiSPY is a top-rated app for monitoring activities on your phone. It has more features than other apps and costs less, but it’s important to note that their prices vary depending upon what service plan you choose:

The price for Android and iPhone starts from $29.95 per month for the Lite plan.

FlexiSPY Extreme Pricing tier which includes password cracker/keylogger:

  • Quarterly (3 months) Subscription – $199
  • Annual Subscription – $349

FlexiSPY Premium and FlexiSPY for Computers:

  • 1 month $68
  • 3 months $99
  • 1 year $149

The Extreme package is more than twice the cost of Premium but offers the functionality you won’t find with any other product. If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, try out our premium plan or even explore options from mSpy, Highster (copy), HelloSPY (email surveillance). 

But if your top priority calls intercepts and ambient noise record capability then FlexiSPY’s Extreme service will be perfect!

Flexispy promo code

There are no promo codes available but you can get up to a 30% discount while using cryptocurrency for payment.

Who would buy Flexispy?

This spy phone software is ideal for parents, employers, or spouses that want to monitor the activities of their children/employees. Flexispy app can also be used by law enforcement agencies and other government authorities when they need to track a criminal suspect.

Key Features

Flexispy provides a comprehensive and efficient monitoring service to keep you informed on all activities. With an automated system, it can track text messages as well multimedia ones through FlexiSpy’s working network of contacts throughout major apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype among others with features getting more advanced each update (GPS coordinates included).

FlexiSpy is designed to be easy and intuitive, with clear instructions on how you can get started. The app will provide a step-by-step guide in order for users of the Flexispy service to have access 24/7 without having any technical knowledge or expertise required when installing – users only need their mobile device’s unique identifier (or phone number) before they are given immediate full control over surveillance information collected about targets!

Main Features and Specifications

  • Compatible on all Android devices
  • Compatible on iPhone
  • Unmatchable monitoring services
  • Successful employee monitoring services
  • Guaranteed results on mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Keeps track of all social media activities
  • Easy installation process
  • Effectively tracks device location
  • Keeps an eye on internet usage
  • Easy access to pictures and videos on the device
  • Tap into the microphone and record audio
  • Most reliable parental control software
  • Regular security alerts and detailed reports
  • High level of security and protection
  • Monitoring of pre-installed applications


Flexispy has many features which make it the best spy phone software on the market. FlexiSpy is compatible with Androids, iPhones, and computers as well! It works in stealth mode so your target will never know you are spying on them! A unique feature of this app is that it can track keystrokes made by a user for passwords or other sensitive data entered into applications such as Facebook Messenger, Gmail, etc. This spyware also keeps an eye on all social media activities done through apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook among others.

Customizable alerts let you receive notifications every time some application is accessed from the targeted device or whenever something happens to specific files/photos/videos stored within – FlexiSPY records everything!

For parents, FlexiSpy is the best option thanks to its extensive monitoring feature set. With Flexispy, you can monitor all text messages and multimedia sent or received by your kids – even if they delete them from their devices. It has many features which make it the best spy phone software on the market.


It provides 24/7 support for customers so there is no delay in responding to customer queries when needed – technicians solve problems within hours of contacting them through the email or chat services available. This makes FlexiSpy a reliable service provider with an excellent after-sales care system ensuring complete satisfaction among clients who use this app as a parental control tool helping concerned adults keep track of their kids and employees.

FlexiSpy app is the best option for everyone who needs to monitor others but at the same time protect the privacy and avoid suspicions since FlexiSPY works in stealth mode so your target will never know you are spying on them! This spy phone software can be easily installed through an email sent by Flexispy, no technical skills needed – it takes only a few minutes before you get full control over surveillance information collected from a specific mobile device or computer with all data recorded into logs that can later be accessed online via the secure portal which offers great flexibility when browsing through historical records.


The drawbacks of Flexispy are just the price tag, but having an option to choose from makes it worth all that money. To make sure your phone is displaying advanced features you must root or jailbreak your device for iOS versions – besides this software being sought out by many!

Customer Reviews

Flexispy has a huge customer base that ranges from satisfied parents and active employers. The numerous reviews about the software stand as testimony to its successful results since it can be downloaded onto all devices with ease of use for everyone’s benefit! Many thousands have given positive feedback encouraging others to try out this great product once they’ve seen how well-crafted FlexiSpy really is – not just by word but through action too; you’ll find 24/7 help available around every corner when working on your account at any time of day or night (as longs as there aren’t glitches).

Flexispy is a powerful tool that parents can use to keep track of their children’s activities. Many have described how it has changed their lives for the better, by providing peace of mind when they are away from home or at work and there are potential dangers online waiting just around every corner- especially if you’re not tech-savvy enough yourself!

In order to produce better results for the company, a team of employers is trying hard and using the software. The monitoring activities made by them have helped in understanding their working pattern which has led to producing more successful feedbacks than before. A new way was found where you can get an insight into what your employees are doing at any given moment with just one click!


For those who want to know if Flexispy is a trustworthy and reliable company, their track record speaks for itself. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and boast over 40 thousand customer reviews on Amazon alone! Many customers attest that they’re happy with this monitoring software due in large part because it offers 24/7 support from real people via phone calls or email messages which can be responded to within 10 working days max (including weekends) without needing any knowledge of what you’re doing beforehand – indeed most users find themselves having no problems at all after using Flexis Spy for a couple of weeks!

Mspy vs Flexispy

MSpy is an app that will allow you to monitor any phone on the market without having too many extra features. The application costs quite a bit but provides basic services in order for parents to want only their children’s activities monitored and nothing else, which makes it affordable compared to other apps available today with expansive monitoring abilities.

Flexispy is a more expensive app than MSpy, but it provides many services that allow you to monitor your child’s online activity. You can use it for additional features such as seeing all the photos they take on their phone without them knowing.

Mspy has great customer service compared to Flexispy which makes people prefer this spy phone software company over its competitor even if it costs less money in some instances. Customers are provided with helpful tutorials and videos on how to install this application onto different types of phones too!

Why Choose Flexispy?

With this spy software, you can monitor all activities of any person without them knowing! It has a full set of features that are customizable according to your needs and requirements. Now everyone will be accountable for their actions thanks to the power of FlexiSpy surveillance software!


How does Flexispy work? Flex

Flexispy is a simple and efficient spy phone software application that works with almost any device. It has the ability to make calls, take pictures, record surroundings in real-time or use GPS tracking capabilities anytime you want it to!

Is Flexispy detectable?

Many people ask if Flexispy is detectable or not. It all depends on the phone that you are using it with, but overall no one can tell that your phone contains this type of software because it operates invisibly!

How to detect Flexispy on Android?

Flexispy is an undetectable software that makes it impossible for people to see that their phone has been hacked. Many think this spy app works in a way similar to WhatsApp, but the truth is that FlexiSpy lets you take control of what exactly happens on your target device!

I there any Flexispy coupon code?

There are no Flexispy coupon codes available at the moment. However, they offer a 20% discount to all new customers which is very generous!


We recommend trying out Flexispy after reading our review above; we were highly impressed by their service standards which set them apart from its competitors- including affordable plans, great customer service, short wait times to receive solutions, and their diverse set of targeting features.

FlexiSPY is a powerful cell phone monitoring tool that you can use on both iPhone and Android devices! It includes many features such as call recording, GPS tracking with map screenshots, instant message reading logging web history, etc… The best part about this product is its price range which starts from $29.95 per month along with different service plans depending upon your needs! If you are looking forward to purchasing cheap yet high-quality mobile surveillance software then it’s time for you to choose FlexiSPY!

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